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Welcome to the affiliate program where you earn 25% of all revenue generated from the users you refer to!

What is is a free social sports picks game allows players to make real sports picks for free, and win real cash.

Players who can pick winners take home real cash, without risking a dime. When players lose, they simply get more cash with which to play. Players can talk smack, enter contests and even play other games like sports trivia and poker.

So How Do I as an Affiliate Earn?

While other affiliate programs require your referrals to make a purchase in order for you to get paid, allows you to earn money without your players buying anything! Your referred users generate revenue from viewing ads and simply playing the game. As a result, conversions are sky-high and earning is relatively easy. 

We’ve done the hard work of monetizing our website, and each time a player clicks through a page, views a video, or completes a survey, revenue is generated, and you earn a 25% cut.


You want to know we will be here for the long haul. You want to know you will have no trouble getting paid. We understand that our affiliates provide an important service and we value your contributions. In turn, you can trust that we are the right business with whom to partner. is the largest social sports picking game in the world with hundreds of thousands of users. We have been around since January 2009 and we have processed thousands of cash-outs to our users. We have never missed a payment to them and we don't miss payments to affiliates. All of our payments are made right on time. There are no excuses and no delays. When you help, you’ll get your money on-time, every time. It’s a worry-free deal that allows our affiliates to focus on their business, and get paid.

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